This is a love project – dedicated to the music, the song and friendship..!

Rhino was formed for the love of music by artists playing in different well-known bands.

Rhino - Summer in the City
Label: Misty Music
Appears on: DALI CD Vol. 5

Thx to all you people who like good music – recorded properly and handcrafted… You make the art fly..! Thx to DALI for doing it!

Rhino is a new setup that includes vocalist Søren Sko (Sko/Torp), Thomas Duus on drums (Love Shop, Laid Back), Morten Woods on guitars, bass + backing vox (Sko/Torp, Sanne Salomonsen) and Mikkel Damgaard on keys and production (Love Shop, Laid Back).

The members of the group all play in different, well-known bands. This is a love project – dedicated to the music, the song and friendship..!

"We are all busy, hardworking musicians and we love to play but rarely get the chance to play together – This is our playground, our time of fun, everlasting friendship and carefree music."

This track is a version of an old classic. We wanted the drums to be right on point, so instead of trying to eq the recording, we did a lot of work with tuning and choosing the right drums. There was also space for a kettle drum and some ambient percussion. Drum recordings are always time-consuming, but it was worth the extra time to set the mics and get the drum sound right from the beginning.


DALI Vol. 5 - CD - DALI Store

The 5th album release from DALI marks our 35-year Anniversary. Therefore we decided to raise the bar and re-think the entire concept of our audiophile demo releases.
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