Wide Dispersion

The enjoyment of music and movies is paramount to DALI. That's why we design our loudspeakers to give you the best possible experience, wherever you are in the room.

By optimising the audio signal for off-axis listening, the sound that reaches your ears, both directly and reflected off the room's surfaces, will have a coherent balance. This results in a consistent, high-quality sound, not only across a much wider listening area, but it also increases the 'sweet spot' where you experience the best possible sound. In addition, it gives greater freedom and flexibility when positioning your loudspeakers.

Finally, dispersing the sound uniformly over a wide range of listening angles ensures a smooth, reliable distribution of sound energy within the listening room – another crucial factor for coherent and well-balanced tonality.

The Eight DALI Sound Philosophies

Amplifier Optimised

The interplay between amplifier and speaker is an essential part of improving the quality of sound from the amplifier, which we achieve by creating a stable, linear environment for the amplifier when driving the loudspeaker load.

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